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Build and scale your media powerhouse today! Commission winning pitches that become full-fledged stories.

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Get a free shortlist of project-appropriate content talent anywhere in the world.

Receive a weekly drip-feed of relevant story ideas, exclusive to your project.

  • Request pitches

    Send out a call for creative story ideas on a specific topic to a private team of freelance content professionals.

  • Activate stories

    Reduce repetitive comms. Click one button and watch the stories roll in! Click another to settle payments.

  • Automate quality

    Implement quality control guardrails to ensure all final work is clean and on-point.

  • Scale creativity

    Let contributors handle the heavy creative lifting, so you can stay light-footed, and focus on the business.


We’ve been using the ContentGrow platform since its very beginning. It has helped complement our own newsroom in regional reporting thanks to its freelancer network across the region.

The platform is straightforward and intuitive to use. If you are a startup media, or a larger organization, and want to improve coverage and variety in an economical way, you should try ContentGrow.


We used to do everything on email. But because we operate on a digital cycle and publish lots of stories every week, we needed a system for sourcing excellent media talent -- people who could be reliable and pitch ideas every day from around the region. ContentGrow solves for this and several other pain points. The platform and contributors are a dream to work with!


Get the stories you need!

Manage your team and get superior content from a custom talent pool. Orchestrate contributors by keeping them on-brief, ahead of deadline, in the know, and at your fingertips.

Create briefs

Give key details about what the team will work on. This is important for making sure you get what you want.

Assign contributors

Decide who does what on each brief, be it creating content, editing, or managing from a bird’s eye view.

Set the rates

Buyers decide how much contributors will be paid on a per assignment basis. Sellers always have the choice to opt-in.

Instant payment

A stream of incoming pitches, from a limitless number of content professionals.

Hiring Freelancers Made Easy

1. Chat with our team

Tell us about your unique content goals and needs.

2. Get recommended talent

We’ll get back to you inside of three working days with desk-appropriate contributors, featuring their samples and pitches.

3. Commission stories

Assign stories to an ever-growing roster of wonderful freelance talent, placed at arm's length, for as long as you like.


We support international currencies

ContentGrow’s in-app payment system is integrated with multiple trusted gateways. Top up via credit card, bank transfer, and more. Seamlessly pay your content team around the world in a variety of currencies.

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Frequently asked questions

Where are ContentGrow’s contributors based?

We have active contributors in North America, Europe, the UK, Australia, Asia Pacific, and beyond. We are always expanding the user base and screening new talent. Please speak to one of our representatives to learn more.

How does the platform work?

ContentGrow is a managed marketplace and workflow app for content teams of all shapes and sizes. It’s an organized place for your freelancers and in-house project managers to run the pitching process, commission assignments, sequence quality control, and handle payments. Click here to start getting your own pitches. Our team will be in touch.

How much should I pay my contributors?

Clients are free to set their own rates. Freelancers then opt-in based on these rates. Appropriate rates may vary depending on the complexity of each project. Please speak to our team to learn more about rate recommendations.

What is ContentGrow’s business model?

There is no subscription to use our app. Instead, the platform facilitates payments between clients and freelancers. It implements a small surcharge on the buyer’s side and a small deduction for sellers. Please inquire to learn more.

What types of content professionals can I work with on the platform?

Because ContentGrow is general and easy to use, it’s well-suited for various types of content professionals, including journalists, editors, content writers, copywriters, translators, designers, photographers, videographers, voice talent, and more. Click here to get a custom shortlist of talent.

Does ContentGrow offer talent in my specific area or niche?

We offer media talent across a variety of sectors. If you have a project that requires great content, we can likely provide appropriate contributors from within our user base. We also offer free external vetting and curation.

How can I try ContentGrow to see if it’s right for me?

You may use ContentGrow as much or as little as you like. There is no 100% free trial, however, as freelance contributors will need to be paid for their work. Click here to get yourself registered. Our team will be in touch.

Can I get a refund on ContentGrow?

Yes, we can refund your deposit when it meets one of the following two conditions: (a) if you decide that there's no suitable writers and journalists that you'd like to work with on ContentGrow database, or (b) you haven't activated any briefs inside the platform.

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