General FAQ

How is ContentGrow different from other freelance e-marketplaces?

ContentGrow is an elite curation-based marketplace. Publishers need not worry about routing around through endless pages of users that may or may not be suitable for the project at hand. Instead, our team delivers a project-appropriate shortlist of vetted talent that we vouch for ahead of time.

Further, ContentGrow is also a collaboration platform for publishers to work with their existing teams of content creators, editors, and project managers. Publishers may also invite new talent, sourced from the outside world, into their projects on ContentGrow.

If you need talent straight away, we can help curate some early users as a courtesy to get you started. Click here to request your first contributors! Our team will get in touch.

Can I browse and access the talent in ContentGrow's user base?

Currently, we offer freelancer curation from our user base as a value-added service. In the future, we may let publishers create their own shortlists on the platform. Please stay tuned for updates. Click here to have our team curate talent for your first project!

How much should I pay freelancers from ContentGrow?

This will depend on your budget and how much you are willing to pay per deliverable. Because every project and assignment is different, these fees will surely vary. As a publisher, it’s up to you to dictate the rates. Freelancers will be given the choice to opt-in or opt-out of your project ahead of time.

Can I make payments to content creators via the platform?

This feature will be available in the weeks to come. For now, publishers are simply able to auto-generate invoices via ContentGrow and share them with their internal admin departments for processing payments. We will soon integrate a global payment system. Stay tuned!

How is ContentGrow different from other project management tools?

The short answer is the focus. Unlike most other project management tools, ContentGrow is one of the only platforms that is specifically designed for publishers and companies that deal with content creation (e.g. online media groups, branded editorial teams, etc).

ContentGrow zeros in on key processes related to the flow of editorial work and necessary quality control that goes with it. The platform has simplified or automated a variety of key process that publishers usually handle manually (e.g. building briefs, assigning and reminding contributors of tasks, harvesting creative pitches at scale, imposing quality control guardrails, calculating fluid monthly payments, and more).

What currencies does ContentGrow support?

The platform now supports all currencies!

How can I be sure my projects remain confidential?

Only you and the users you invite to a specific project can see its details. No one on ContentGrow can see you or the projects you’re working on unless you make it happen!

How much does ContentGrow cost?

Please get in touch with one of our representatives to discuss potential free usage, followed by a custom contract. Benchmarks will be shared transparently.

In any case, publishers will always need to pay freelancers in accordance to the rates agreed upon between both parties