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Create better content with vetted talent and easy workflow

All content teams are organized into separate projects, where different tasks are delegated to various contributors.

Get the stories you need!

Manage your teams and get superior content from our elite and vetted talent pool. Orchestrate contributors by keeping them on-brief, ahead of deadline, in the know, and at your fingertips. It's all powered by an incredibly simple workflow system!

Create Brief
Create Briefs

Give key details about what the team will work on! This step is important for making sure you get what you want.

Create Brief
Assign Contributors

This is where you decide who does what on a story, and how much each user will be paid.

Create Brief
Automate Quality Control

With a multi-step system of checks and balances, no story is delivered without passing through rigorous editing framework.

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    Harvest story ideas at scale

    No time to brainstorm? Specify a topic or beat on which you need to collect superb and relevant content. Broadcast a pitch request to crowdsource well-crafted ideas in bulk from your contributors.


    Teams are automatically notified about how to pitch.


    Approve, decline, or request updated pitches instantly.


    Greenlit pitches are converted to active stories in seconds.


    Stop digging through emails. Keep comms and creative work in one place!

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    "We’ve been using the ContentGrow platform since its very beginning. It has helped complement our own newsroom in regional reporting thanks to its freelancer network across the region."

    "The platform is straightforward and intuitive to use. If you are a startup media, or a larger organization, and want to improve coverage and variety in an economical way, you should try ContentGrow."

    Team Building & Talent Curation

    Pull in your own contributors or let us assemble a crew of content professionals relevant to your project. Keep team members organized and sequenced within the workflow based on set roles.

    Find Talent

    Find and work with recommended freelancers from our elite user base.

    My Talent

    Fill out your bullpen of ace talent, assigning users to different projects.

    Add New People

    Invite your own fresh talent or enjoy our free curation and vetting service.

    Adjust Roles

    Grant each user special powers by customizing their roles within the project.

    Stop with all the heavy lifting and start delegating work in a virtual newsroom!